MnCCC Summer Camp Challenge!

MnCCC Summer Camp

Kickstart your summer by celebrating MnCCC's new training program and by going to summer camp! Take part in this 3-month challenge by using MnCCC's new training program to invest in YOU with thousands of professional development opportunities! At the end of the Summer Camp Challenge, three winners will be announced in the follow categories:

  1. Most training completed from MnCCC Course Catalog
  2. Most training completed from LinkedIn Learning
  3. Overall hours of completed training

How the Summer Camp Challenge Works

Earn Stars

  • Earn 2 stars for subscribing to "training" in RSVP
  • Earn 5 stars for completing Summer Camp Registration
  • Earn 5 stars for each completed LinkedIn Learning course
  • Earn 10 stars for each completed training from the MnCCC course catalog or training posted on RSVP
  • Earn 10 stars for attending Summer Camp Kickoff at MnCCC Conference

What To Do

1. Submit your Summer Camp Registration

Let us know you'd like to participate by submitting your summer camp registration and sharing your training goals using the link above.

2. Show up for the Summer Camp Kickoff at the MnCCC Annual Conference

Meet your camp counselors Amanda Beyer, Emily Ladd, and Bodie Laidlaw for a Summer Camp Kickoff on Wednesday, June 7th at 8:00 AM at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria, MN. We will be giving away MnCCC swag to the first 20 participants and sharing more aboiut the new training program and how LinkedIn Learning works! If you are unable to make it, don't worry this isn't mandatory, but it is a great way to earn extra points. If you'd like to make up the points missed, you can earn points by taking a few more training courses in MnCCC's Course Catalog or through LinkedIn Learning. 

More Details about MnCCC's Annual Conference

3. Earn stars for each training and task you complete based on the categories above.

View the MnCCC Course Catalog below to see complete list of available training and learn how to subscribe to our training program for access to RSVP and LinkedIn Learning!

About the New MnCCC Training Program

One of the greatest benefits of the new MnCCC Training Group is the discounted pricing for general training for members. That includes various options of in-person, online, on-demand, and hybrid training. Each subscription tier gives you access to Linkedin Learning licenses and a list of available training that can be coordinated by MnCCC, and a training credit based on the tier. If you do not see the training you would like to take, please contact us!

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