Duck Tape Contest Entries

Duck, Duck Gray Duck

The 2019 MnCCC annual conference theme was Duck, Duck, Great UX! We saw this as an opportunity to play a spin off words and create a Duck Tape Contest using duct tape by the Duck Brand. There was no better person to lead this contest than Duct Tape Artist Joe Girandola, who is a professor at the University of Cincinnati and leads team building workshops and creative innovation. This contest turned out to be an excellent leadership and networking opportunity! We had a total of four Duck Tape entries, the 1st place prize went to the campfire made complete with a frying pan filled with bacon and eggs on the far left. Thank you to everyone who participated in making these creations, made of upcycled materials and of course ...duct tape by Duck Brand.

About Joe

The works of Joe Girandola attract our attention to minute details often overlooked in the corrupt rush of modern society. Though classically trained as a stone carver in Italy, Girandola has veered away from the media concentrating on three-dimensional drawings and paintings using a variety of materials. One medium of choice is Duct Tape. Invented originally to weatherproof military ammunition boxes, the tape’s color was characteristically Army green. With the rise and abundant use of Central Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units, the matte gray color and universal name of Duct Tape was introduced. Another medium of choice for Girandola is cast-away milk crates. Creating site-specific installations with the crates, Girandola connects the piece to the history of the site, while questioning issues that arise from societal expansion and trade route conflicts.

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