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Incident Response Planning Workshop

     Through September 2019, over 10 billion cyberattacks occurred in the United States - 10,331,579,614 to be exact.[i] These attacks occurred on the personal, organizational, public, and even federal levels across the country, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. No matter how much we love our ease of access to technology, the data stored within our devices has never been more at risk. We need something to help mitigate risk. Enter: Incident response plan.

     “An incident response plan helps IT staff identify, respond to and recover from cybersecurity incidents. The objective of an incident response plan is to prevent damages like service outage, data loss or theft, and illicit access to organizational systems,”[ii] says Orion Cassetto, Director of Product Marketing for Exabeam. These plans are built upon information and assets that your company values, especially when it comes to confidential information. Therefore, it’s important to put a plan in place that’s uniquely tailored to the needs and experiences of each organization (i.e. our plans won’t work for your group, and yours won’t work for ours).

     MnCCC has recently implemented its own incident response plan, which is the set of guidelines and instructions our team will follow when an event occurs, because we know that technology is both a friend and foe when it comes to harboring information.

     Do you know if your county or agency has a plan in place if (and when) a cyberattack occurs? Are you interested in getting down to the nitty gritty and starting from a barebones framework to create a plan that will protect your organization?

     We’ve only just scratched the surface about incident response planning, and we know we’ve got a lot to learn. That’s why we’re offering an Incident Response Planning Workshop where we’ll bring in some local experts to provide background information and help us get started, then we’ll begin strategically planning to work up an outline for an IRP together. You’ll get to take your newly crafted plan back with you so you can work on it and polish it up before our a follow-up session at our annual conference in June. We’ll talk about challenges, strategies, ideas, and so much more, so be ready to engage!

     If you have any ideas of presentations or topics you’d like to see covered in this workshop, please reach out to me (emily@mnccc.org) with your input! We want this experience to be as user-friendly and comprehensive as possible.

     Keep an eye out on the RSVP calendar in early 2020 for the announcement of our Incident Response Planning Workshop and its presenters. Anyone is welcome! And don’t forgot to check RSVP for our other upcoming technology events!

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[i] Irwin, Luke. “List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in September 2019 – 531 Million Records Leaked.” IT Governance Blog, October 31, 2019. https://www.itgovernance.co.uk/blog/list-of-data-breaches-and-cyber-attacks-in-september-2019-531-million-records-leaked.

[ii] Orion Cassetto. “Incident Response Plan 101: How to Build One, Templates and Examples.” Exabeam. Exabeam https://www.exabeam.com, July 18, 2019. https://www.exabeam.com/incident-response/incident-response-plan/.

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