Cancelation Policy

Cancelation and no-show policy with a green semi-circle and blue and black MnCCC logo

Cancelation/No-Show Policy for Paid Sessions Hosted by MnCCC

This policy was approved by the MnCCC Board and was implemented on December 15, 2022. MnCCC reserves the right to change the policy's conditions and will contact attendees if this occurs. For questions, please contact us via email at or phone at (651) 401-4200.

Timeline and Fees

Due to the large blocks of time we reserve for our trainers/speakers, a last-minute no-show or cancellation can cause problems and added fees for both MnCCC and our partners. We understand that there are times when you must miss a session for an emergency or other obligation; however, if you do not notify MnCCC, you may be preventing another person from our waiting list to attend the session. Failure to notify MnCCC no less than five (5) business days of the scheduled training will constitute a charge at full price for the course you registered for. You must also notify MnCCC if you are sending another person in your place. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances, though we must respect the time of other students in the class and our paid trainers/speakers.

No-Show for Training

We receive attendance reports from our trainers with the amount of time each person spent in the training. Some trainers require a certain amount of time in attendance and/or have a leeway window. If you are more than 30 minutes late for the training without prior notice to MnCCC or do not attend without notice, we will count this as a no-show and you will be charged the full amount for the session.

Training Balances

We will require that all students who attend our courses must have all other invoices paid in full before attending another course (except for students taking consecutive- or multiple-day courses). We typically invoice after training, though we will contact you if this changes. We can invoice either your organization or you. Attendees who have questions about payment options or invoices may contact our CFO, Mike Fox, at (651) 401-4202 or


By signing up for each course, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the policy listed above. We appreciate your understanding of and respect for MnCCC and its partner organizations utilized for training.