Oh No! Not Another Conference Call

Conference with phone placed on table

Ever been stuck on a conference call flooded with disruptions? Many of us can relate. These disruptions can range from background noise to hold music - so frustrating! MnCCC has tips & tricks to help improve your conference call experience during user group meetings! Take a peak and practice these tips to prevent disruptions in conference calls.


You can also take a moment to watch the video below, as it showcases the relatable, laughable moments of conference calls. 



More Etiquette Tips

  • Introduce yourself

  • State your name when talking

  • Mind the mute button

  • Never, ever put the conference call on hold

  • Be mindful of background noise

  • Pay attention! Be an engaged participant!

  • Become familiar with MnCCC's conference call system (POPPcom) - see "Oh No! Not Another Conference Call" above




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