MnCCC Spotlight: Darci Gawthrop

Darci Gawthrop Spotlight

What was your first job?

My first job was working part time my senior year in High School in Alexandria MN as an Office Assistant for the local movie theater. During that time, I happened to hear a local radio station broadcaster on the air who stated that he had a frog in his throat and that it wasn’t the frog that bothered him so much, but the lily pad he was sitting on. Immediately after hearing him say that, I distinctly remember saying to myself, that if I EVER got married, I’d NEVER marry a man like that!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

After graduating high school, I moved to the Twin Cities working as a radio copywriter and television traffic manager. Working in radio (WCCO-FM, the Beautiful WAYL, WLOL radio and television (KSTP and KITN TV) among others was quite unique with such an eclectic group of personalities.

That strange broadcaster from Alexandria also moved to the cities after I did. I do believe that God has a sense of humor, because he’s the love of my life and we’ve been happily married now for almost 46 years. Apparently, I’ve gotten quite used to his sense of humor. He still makes me laugh. Our faith has definitely been the tie that binds. We love doing prison ministry together and have so many uplifting moments to share. We have two wonderful married sons who have given us 4 awesome grandkids and each only live 5 miles from us.

What interests you about MnCCC and what is your role?

I never thought I’d be working at MnCCC for so long – almost 17 years as Office Manager. I’ll be retiring on April 6th of this year and will miss everyone involved with MnCCC. Thank you, Lisa, for hiring me and putting up with me all these years – you rock! With Mike, Emily and Amanda on board as well as the MnCCC board members, I know this organization will be strong and successful for a very long time. I’ve never worked with a more dedicated, talented and passionate group of people! It’s been a pleasure in working with our volunteer members as well!


What is something on your bucket list you'd like to do?

I plan to do a lot more volunteer work in our church and prisons. Possibly volunteer at a domestic abuse shelter. I also plan to take some community ed classes to learn a new skill or two just to see if you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I also plan to work on remodeling our house, go fishing, spend more time with my friends and family and maybe take a cruise or two with my sweet hubby. This will be a whole new chapter in my life – one which I’m really grateful for and excited to start! Thanks, MnCCC!


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