MnCCC Spotlight: Mike Sheplee

Mike Sheplee Spotlight

What was your first job?

Caring for livestock and tending to the family’s crops.  Many hours were spent baling hay and straw, walking soybeans to remove weeds, and cleaning out the pens where livestock were raised.

Off the farm jobs included semi-truck driver, accountant, corporate executive for a financial services company in downtown Minneapolis that eventually was bought out by ING.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My wife of 37 years, Amy (my high school sweetheart!), and I are back to the home farm now after a 19 year career in financial services.  Our two city-raised adult children have married and settled near us allowing our daughter and Amy to collaborate on various creative endeavors. 

For a stress relieving hobby, my son and I farm 140 acres growing cash crops and are finding excitement and satisfaction incorporating new to us soil health practices onto our farm.  Amy and I are blessed to be working with a great group of people from Madelia to help plant an evangelical church in that community.

What interests you about MnCCC?

I am still learning, but observing and participating with others in working together to identify and solve common problems has really been beneficial.  Networking with many smart, knowledgeable, passionate people has had such a positive impact on my ability to integrate into my new position.

What is your role on the MnCCC Board?

Region IV Representative to the Executive Board 

What is something on your bucket list you'd like to do?

I’ll list a few things – why limit yourself? 

  • Visit Israel.
  • Grow 400 bushel per acre corn and 100 bushel per acre soybeans.
  • Love people well.
  • Find contentment in each sunrise and sunset.



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