Improve your Go-To Webinar Experience

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A Guide for Presenters and Participants

MnCCC Webinar Platform: GoTo presented by LogMeIn

GoTo is the new platform MnCCC uses to run webinars for user groups. This webinar platform is open to all user groups. Once you have established a presenter and possible dates, please contact MnCCC staff to setup the webinar.

1. Join via phone or audio – your choice!

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Listen via phone or computer audio (VOIP) - the choice is all yours! To gain access to audio controls, click the link to enter the webinar. Once the webinar is open, you'll have the option to listen through computer audio or you can use the toll-free numbers that appears on the screen.  

2. Be an engaged participant 

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Have a question? Need something clarified? With GoTo, you can send a private message to the presenter or to all participants in the webinar. You can also raise your hand, which helps prevent people from talking over one another during the webinar; so wait your turn, the presenter will call on you!

3. Ask for a Webinar Recording

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Webinars provide an incredible opportunity for collaboration, training, demos - the list goes on! We want to make sure you have this information at your fingertips! If you'd like a recording and/or transcription, MnCCC is able to distribute to your entire user group upon request.

4. RSVP to Join the Webinar

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Let us know you're going to join! RSVP-ing allows us to track attendance and send meeting information related to the webinar, so you can stay on top! If it's past the deadline to RSVP, give MnCCC staff a call at 651-917-6969 so you can join the webinar!

5. First time using GoTo as a presenter? 

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No worries! Contact MnCCC staff to setup a meeting beforehand to learn how to use either GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting. We want you to be comfortable with using the platform so you can be fully prepared to run a smooth and effective webinar. 

6. Mind the Mute Button

Mute Button

Participants are in control of muting their microphone in the webinar. The presenter or organizer also has the ability to control the mute button, so be sure to communicate if you're having audio issues by raising your hand or sending a direct message. As a presenter, you can also send a special request to MnCCC staff if your webinar requires specific audio controls. 

7. Special Features For Presenters! 

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An engaged audience helps the webinar run smoothly! Try out some special features during the webinar. Presenters can engage their audience by using live polling, surveys, chat, whiteboard, while also pre-uploading documents and other media!  

8. Brush Up on MnCCC’s Webinar Rules: 

  • Introduce yourself
  • State your name when talking.
  • Mind the mute button.
  • NEVER, EVER put the conference call on hold!
  • Be mindful of background noises!
  • Pay attention!  Be an engaged participant!