An Updated Guide for Presenters and Participants

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Updated Tips and Tricks for Your Next Webinar

MnCCC is currently using GoTo to run webinars for user groups. After using one webinar platform for several years, then switching to a new one entirely, we are still learning to iron out some of the difficulties we've encountered along the way. We've compiled a small list of tips and tricks that have come in handy to help run a smooth webinar.

As always, we rely on both the in-person and remote attendees to contribute to helping meetings run smoothly. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. Any inquiries may be directed to Emily or Amanda via email ( or or phone (651-917-6969) during regular business hours.

Please note: This webinar platform is open to all user groups. Once you have established a presenter and possible dates, please contact MnCCC staff to set up the webinar.

Audio Tips

For audio, it is best for the host and attendees to use a phone. Using a phone combined with muting your computer's audio and microphone work best to eliminate feedback and/or an echo for everyone participating. The toll-free number will always be included when MnCCC webinar information is posted. Anyone who has the audio PIN number - usually just the host - will also have access to audio controls. This means they can mute or unmute attendees as needed, which further helps eliminate some common audio issues. Finally, the host should NEVER use the computer’s microphone because remote attendees will not be able to hear anyone besides the host.

In order to eliminate feedback and/or an echo, only ONE laptop should be used for everyone who is together. If in-person attendees MUST be logged in to the webinar, please be sure to mute BOTH the laptop’s microphone and audio.

If you are having difficulty accessing the microphone, try using the app instead of the browser.

For any audio difficulties, report SPECIFIC audio issues, end the meeting, and start again. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact GoToMeeting support:

Please RSVP!

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Let us know you're going to join! RSVP-ing allows us to track attendance and send meeting information related to the webinar, so you can stay on top! If it's past the deadline to RSVP, give MnCCC staff a call at 651-917-6969 so you can join the webinar. When in doubt, reach out!

Brush Up on MnCCC’s Webinar Rules: 

  • Introduce yourself
  • State your name when talking.
  • Mind the mute button.
  • NEVER, EVER put the conference call on hold!
  • Be mindful of background noises!
  • Pay attention!  Be an engaged participant!

Remember: While MnCCC works hard to provide everyone with a positive and engaging webinar experience, we are not the experts. We will be happy to troubleshoot any issues you may be having, but sometimes things might need to be handed over to GoTo support staff. If for any reason you feel you should reach out to support directly, you can visit If your question isn't resolved by the online platform, they are also available by phone at 1-800-514-1317. 

Thank you, and happy webinar-ing!

Do you want to keep a copy of these tips and tricks? Download this PDF to keep it handy!