Happy National Online Learning Day

Today we celebrate National Online Learning Day

Today, we recognize and celebrate the importance of online learning and its impact on employee professional development. At MnCCC, we provide an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn through our software user groups and extensive training offerings available through the MnCCC Training Program.

About MnCCC User Groups

Our software user groups and committees work together to manage their own software or other off-the-shelf software that has been customized for Minnesota. The ability to connect, collaborate, and learn online allows government agencies to produce innovative, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for public service.

See our complete list of user groups here: mnccc.gov/user-groups/

About the MnCCC Training Program:

MnCCC has an extensive network of training partners that are subject matter experts in their respective fields. From technical skills in cybersecurity or Microsoft services to soft skills in Leadership Management to Customer Service, there is something any employee can take away! Additionally, LinkedIn Learning licenses are included in your subscription to the MnCCC Training Program, where you have access to a variety of self-guided and on-demand courses. The MnCCC Training Program offers a flexible and achievable format for online learning and is certainly noteworthy of celebrating.

Learn more about MnCCC's Training Program: mnccc.gov/resource-center/training

More on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand training platform with thousands of pre-recorded courses taught by industry experts covering the latest business, technology, and creative skills. It provides personalized course recommendations and is designed to help users achieve their full potential at their own pace. Organizations are seeing many benefits by implementing a Learning Management System (LMS), some of these benefits include cost savings, on-demand access, flexible learning, customization, and more!

MnCCC Summer Camp Winners!

At the beginning of this summer, MnCCC rolled out MnCCC Summer Camp, an initiative to highlight the MnCCC Training Program. The winners of the challenge will be announced next week! Stay tuned for more fun, online learning events, and activities by subscribing to RSVP.

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