MnCCC Spotlight: Stephanie Nuttall

Stephanie Nuttall Spotlight

This month we'd like to recognize Stephanie Nuttall! 

What was your first job?

When I was in high school I would get my neighbor’s kids ready for school and onto the bus every morning – their mom was a school bus driver.  I had to walk a quarter mile through a dark forest before dawn and I made $2 per day ($1 per kid per hour).  My first real job, with taxes and such, was the summer after high school as a cashier at a store similar to Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Which was a really great place to work (and get discounts) when you’re getting ready to head off to college.  I had the best dorm room setup.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born and raised just outside of Portland, Oregon, mostly growing up outside a small town (population 560).  I went to undergrad at Southern Oregon University before I came to Minnesota in 2004 for law school at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul.  After law school I got a job with the Winona County Attorney’s Office, where I’ve been for the past 12 years (as of September 4!).  About 5 years ago I bought a house in Winona County where I live with my boyfriend, puppy, and two cats.

What interests you about MnCCC?

What I like about MnCCC is that the Counties got together to find ways to work together, share resources, and work toward having the best technology for the work we do.  Not every county has to slog through contract negotiations and software development on their own and as a group we can take advantage of the experts in counties throughout the state to ensure ongoing excellence.

What is your role on the MnCCC Board?

I am the Past Chair, chair of CAP, County Attorney User Group Liaison, and AMC Liaison.

What is something on your bucket list you'd like to do?

Hiking Machu Picchu in Peru and/or sailing/snorkeling/scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef are a couple of things I’m hoping aren’t too far off.


 Thank you, Stephanie!


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