Tyler User Group 

The Tyler User Group is currently underway! We are looking forward to getting this group off the ground, and with your help and participation, we will have another successful user group under MnCCC that works collaboratively to make sure our counties are using the best software, contracted specifically with them in mind. The group will consist of Tyler users under contract through MnCCC, which has been customized for Minnesota counties. User group duties will include implementation, standardization, and testing and training for contracted items. This will be a great opportunity for members at all stages of implementation to collaborate and troubleshoot throughout the process.

Who can join the Tyler User Group?

Official officers and voting members of the User Group must be contracted through MnCCC. We understand that some counties may have contracted directly with Tyler and would like to switch to the cooperative model with MnCCC. This is a great way to get Minnesota-specific requirements and collaborate with fellow users! If you are currently contracting directly through Tyler or would like to know how you can contract through MnCCC, please contact Lisa Meredith for direction.

Executive Officers

Co-Chairs: Sue Schulz, McLeod County and Bridgitte Konrad, Chisago County
Vice-Chair: TBD
Recording Officer: Jason McCaslin, Fillmore County

Committee Chairs

Implementation Committee:
Training Committee:
Standardization Committee:
Testing Committee:


MnCCC Board Liaison: Jason McCaslin, Fillmore County
ISSG Liaison: Kyle Jerviss, Wabsaha County

Rules & Regulations

The Tyler User Group has not yet formed Rules and Regulations, but we are working on them as we get the group going!

Meeting Schedule

The Tyler User Group will meet monthly on the 4th Monday at 10 am on Zoom.

Links to Forms and Files

Contract Vendor

The contract vendor for this user group that provide(s) maintenance, support, development, and training services.

Tyler Technologies