Celebrating 40 Years of PH-Doc

Celebrating 40 Years of PH-Doc
Avenu staff pictured above. Front row: Toni Tibbetts, John Saatzer, Lori Lyback. Back row: Justin Wolbeck, Brian Prom, Mary Thompson, Tanya Ruth

About PH-Doc

MnCCC's CHS User Group recently celebrated 40 years of PH-Doc! PH-Doc is a public health documentation software for local public health agencies across Minnesota. PH-Doc is owned and designed by local public health agencies, and Avenu is the vendor contracted to provide maintenance, support, development, and training services for the CHS User Group.

Mission & Vision of the CHS User Group

Mission: To develop and maintain integrated data systems that support agencies in providing, reporting, and evaluating public health services, which improve the health of their populations and to be able to exchange information electronically with our partners.

Vision: Create, implement, and enhance effective and efficient community health software systems through active cooperation of the membership.

What can you do with PH-Doc?

  • Chart clinical data elements for problems, medications, allergies, vital signs, wounds, immunizations, and orders. 
  • Manage the daily functions of time entry, messaging, scheduling, HIPAA billing and remittances, accounts receivable, federal and state-mandated reporting, managerial reporting, outcome reporting, integration with state registries, and other interfaces.
  • Exchange data electronically and without the need for manual entry using PH-Doc gateway.

Special Highlights

  • Alerts for hospital admissions/discharges
  • Request external CDA documents
  • Create Public Health CDA
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Drug-to-drug Interactions
  • OMAHA System methodology
  • HIPAA 5010
  • 837I and 837P claims
  • Automated 835 remittances
  • Environmental Health
  • School Portal

Learn more: ph-doc.com

A Message from Avenu

 "The growth and functionality of the software since the beginning is nothing short of amazing to me. This is all due to the vision, collaboration, and input from all the various owner agencies over the years. I have had the opportunity to work with so many great knowledgeable people over the years. It has made my 28 years working with the CHS User Group interesting, challenging at times but very rewarding, and I truly enjoy it all!"

-Mary Thompson, Avenu Insights and Analytics

Interested in Joining the CHS User Group?

Please contact info@mnccc.org to join the user group!