Team Building with Duct Tape

Duct tape creations

Are you looking for an excellent team building activity? MnCCC has the answer for you... form duct tape teams! This activity is guarunteed to unleash your creative side, provoke problem-solving, and stimulate constant communication among team members. These are all skills we already use in our everyday work, so why not give it a try building something from duct tape?! 

How MnCCC Benefitted From Duct Tape Teams 

MnCCC invited duct tape artist Joe Girandola, a professor at the University of Cincinnati who also leads team building workshops and creative innovation for corporations, to present at the annual conference. Joe began by sharing the history of duct tape, as it was orginially used for military and HVAC purposes. Overtime, duct tape evolved into a creative art so the Duck Brand saw a marketing opportunity and started printing unique patterns on the duct tape rolls. Today, you'll find bright neon colors, smores, galaxy, ducks, and bacon patterns printed on duct tape rolls. So much can be done with the different prints, which gave MnCCC the perfect opportunity to host a Duck Tape Contest, a fitting name as the conference theme was Duck, Duck, Great UX!  The major benefits of this team building activity stem from participants working to achieve a common goal - make the greatest duct tape creation! With limited resources, participants needed to engage in problem-solving to identify and source materials and even communicate ideas to make the greatest creation. What makes this activity so unique is that it utilizes skills we already use in our everyday work but with a spark of creativity. This was a great way to build these essential leadership skills while networking with colleagues from across Minnesota.

Getting Started

Step 1: Form your teams. We recommend having 3-5 team members and at least 3 teams.

Step 2: Form an idea. What is creative, within reach that you can construct?

Step 3: Acquire what your supplies.

  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • sample rules
  • cardboard, foam, plastic
  • (these materials will be used to build the base of your duct tape creation)


Step 4: Build your duct tape creation!

We have starter kits!

Get a starter kit from MnCCC! We have a limited supply available - first come, first serve! The kit comes complete with uniquely printed rolls of duct tap, scissors, and instructions.. the rest is up to the team to be creative! Please contact Amanda Beyer at to get your starter kit.


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