Documents and Resources

MnCCC's documents and resources are available for you to download and use at your convenience.


MnCCC is striving to provide online content in accessible formats across our digital platforms by utilizing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at the AA level. You may also use this Word Document copy of MnCCC's Accessibility Policy & Procedures as a template to create an accessibility policy for your agency. For questions regarding accessibility, please contact Amanda Beyer at

Cancelation Policy for Paid Training

Due to the blocks of time we reserve for our trainers/speakers, a last-minute no-show or cancellation can cause problems and added fees for both MnCCC and our partners. Failure to notify MnCCC no less than five (5) business days of the scheduled training will constitute a charge at full price for the course you registered for. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances, though we must respect the time of other students in the class and our paid trainers/speakers. For questions regarding our cancelation policy, please contact Emily Wick at

Contract Ratification Requirements  

MnCCC has user groups that require contract ratification and some that do not. This document has been adopted as a policy by the MnCCC Board to help explain the difference.


Tips for elections at meetings.

Expense Reimbursement Form

Some of our user groups allow for officers, committee chairs, members of committees, and/or liaisons to file expense reimbursements. Reimbursement policies are included in each of the user group's rules and regulations. Complete the form and send a copy to our office. 

Incident Response Plan

MnCCC has an incident response plan in place should an incident occur. An incident includes but is not limited to perceived or intended disruption of safety and security of confidential employee and/or user information; malicious behavior to obtain classified or sensitive information; and inappropriate or unauthorized entry into the MCIT building and/or the MnCCC suite. Should a breach of security occur, MnCCC must take corrective action to eliminate vulnerabilities that may have caused it. For questions regarding the incident response plan, please contact Emily Wick at

Liaison Report Template

This is a fillable pdf form that was created to help MnCCC Board Liaisons provide their monthly reports to MnCCC which are shared at the ISSG and Board Meetings.  Forms should be completed by the liaisons, saved, then sent to Instructions and descriptions of the fields are included in the document.

MnCCC Bylaws

The purpose of Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative (“MnCCC”) is to provide jointly and cooperatively for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of data processing systems , for the use and benefit of the parties, as well as the commercialization of its proprietary software for licensed use by third parties. These Bylaws uphold the mission, vision, and purpose of MnCCC, its Board, and its User Groups.

New Officer Orientation

This MnCCC New Officer Orientation guide walks you through your new role as an officer (Updated 2021) and provides information on officer responsibilities, FAQs, minute taking, RSVP, and much more!

RSVP Registration Tips and FAQs

The RSVP Registration Tips and FAQs page has all you need to know for creating a new profile! Getting started is easy! You can also view this step-by-step guide with instructions on how to create a new RSVP profile. And when you create a profile on RSVP, you can change your RSVP to receive links instead of an attachment

Taking Minutes

Tips for new recording officers on taking minutes.

Guidelines for Vendor Contracts

MnCCC's Guidelines for Vendor Contracts are used by our Contract Advisory Panel (CAP) to make sure the user groups have important items included in all of their contracts to protect our members.