Member of the Year!

Kathy Jenson Spotlight

MnCCC Awards Member of the Year to Kathy Jenson

Congratulations, Kathy! MnCCC would like to recognize Kathy as our distinguished Member of the Year. Kathy's dedication and support to MnCCC combined with her cheerful personality is a great asset to the cross-collaboration and success of our entire membership. We asked Kathy's coworkers some questions for her spotlight, see what they have to say!

Kathy always makes it a point of stopping by our office and saying hello to all of the MnCCC Staff when she’s in the building for meetings. She goes out of her way to thank us for the work we do. It is an absolute privilege to be able to thank her for all she has done for MnCCC! Thank you Kathy! ~Lisa Meredith, MnCCC Executive Director

See our membership thank you video:

Tell us more about Kathy!

She was born and raised in Pine River and graduated from Brainerd. Married to Matthew Jenson for 15 years.  Has three children David, Andrew and Callie Renae.  They live on the farm Matthew was raised on. She started working for Roseau County on November 10, 2013. She is a very valued employee and works extremely diligently.  She has a fun spirit. 

Kathy is an example of one getting involved and making a difference. It took some encouragement but has demonstrated the fact that involvement and networking truly pay off, both personally and professionally. Her positive, friendly, and outgoing nature is infectious and she puts a smile on everyone she encounters! Looking forward to her next role with MnCCC as TAC chair! You go woman (Chica)!

Kathy has been a joy to work with over the years with the training committee! Her vibrant attitude brings a smile to my face every time I speak with her. She is thorough and tenacious and even if she was upset, she would still have a smile on her face. It has truly been a pleasure to work with Kathy and to consider her a friend!  Congratulations!!

What's something people may not know about Kathy?

Kathy has shown a willingness to step in and step up for the Aumentum group. She loves learning new things about the system and willing to share that knowledge with the group. I understand she is a bit of a daredevil on a snowmobile, loves to golf, enjoys fishing, but doesn’t like to eat fish (WHAT??? Constitutes a serious character flaw 😉, but her sunny personality makes up for it!!!) A great choice for member of the year!!

The last time we went to a concert together we shared a hotel room. She snored SO LOUD the entire night, I hardly slept 😃 The sound of her snoring was akin to a 600 lb. dude sleeping on his back. I would imagine other hotel guests could hear it… It was awful lol. I told her about the snoring and she felt awful, but it’s still funny to talk about!

One thing I do know for sure, if I forget something while traveling with her, she's got it! Prepared to say the least at the expense of traveling with a suitcase with options galore! Shoes, boots, towel, blanket, cooler, nail polish... you name it, she's got it!

 Qualities We Love About Kathy

  • Positive attitude
  • Energetic personality
  • Friendly disposition
  • Responsive
  • Ready volunteer
  • Strong collaborator
  • Engaged participant
  • Promotes knowledge-sharing

Even though she is practically Canadian, we are proud to call her one of us and have her on our team!