A Great Minnesota "Get Back Together" with the MnCCC Board!

A Great Minnesota Get-Back Together

Every month, the MnCCC Board has a regularly scheduled meeting to discuss what's happening across the MnCCC membership. From financials to user group updates, there are a wide scope of topics that are covered during each meeting, especially as projects are added and our membership expands. Currently, MnCCC has 15 user groups where counties, cities, and agencies come together and cross-collaborate on software and technical services and discover solutions that work best for them. The cooperative model that MnCCC provides allows participating members to take ownership of their county software and services at reduced rates! 

A Glance at the MnCCC Board "Get-Back Together" 

The scope of our work is constantly evolving, and it's important to keep our contracts, agreements, software, and solutions updated on a rolling basis too! Last week, the MnCCC board and staff kept busy! So what did we do?

Reviewed and Revised Current Agreements 

MnCCC staff and board members split into groups to review and revise the MnCCC Bylaws and the Joint Powers Agreement. These updates will be reviewed over the next couple of board meetings. Once final revisions are made, the proposed changes will be shared at region meetings and the annual membership meeting for final approval. 

Shared User Group Updates

As previously mentioned, MnCCC has 15 user groups, and there are many projects happening simultaneously. Board members are appointed to represent user groups as a liaison and are responsible for providing updates on what is happening in their user group(s),  which keeps everyone informed on software enhancements, progress updates, and much more! You can find a high-level overview by viewing the MnCCC board meeting minutes online at https://calendar.mnccc.org/customer/Calendar.aspx

Developed a Strategic Plan

MnCCC's Executive Director, Lisa Meredith facilitated a strategic planning session that focused on membership development, engagement, outreach, and training needs across user groups. Do you have any ideas for MnCCC's strategic plan? Please reach out to info@mnccc.org to share your input!

Focused on Team-Building

Team building is a core component behind successful communication and collaboration, which are part of the dialogue that happens within user group meetings. These team-building exercises allowed us to tap into new roles and challenge each other to reach a common goal while facing obstacles along the way, much of what happens in our daily work routines!

A fun look at collaboration, communication, and finding solutions through team building!  

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