User Group Spotlight: Property Information User Group (PIUG)

Property Information User Group Spotlight

About the User Group 

The Property Information User Group (PIUG) brings Land Records Professionals together to discuss issues, workflows and answers to common problems.  The group focuses heavily on technology and GIS systems as the mechanism to bring all interested parties together. A unique feature we offer is the Round-Table discussion. The discussion initiates conversations and questions that benefit our members and vendors.

Why the user group was formed?

Originally the group was formed exclusively to guide and enhance Beacon® (a web-based GIS application).  Since then, it has morphed into a broad range of land record personnel and vendors that specialize in offering solutions.

What topics are typically discussed?

  • Enhancements to GIS and Land Records products
  • Statewide Standardized contract with GIS and Aerial Imaging vendors
  • Roundtable discussion about GIS and Assessing projects each member has been working

Software and Services through PIUG

  • Contract with standardized pricing with Eagleview (Pictometry)
  • Standardized product pricing with Pro-West and Associates Inc.


Contracted Vendors:

    • Eagleview (Pictometry)
    • Prowest and Associates Inc
    • North Point Geographic Solutions

PIUG Committees

  • Membership Committee - Focuses on existing membership needs and reaching out to others who may benefit.
  • Training Committee - The diversity of this group allows for training on all kinds of disciplines.  It can be focused on all or part of our member’s needs.  It usually focuses on technology.

Special Announcements

Every couple months Prowest has demos about Property/GIS related topics. 

Interested in Joining?

Please contact to join the user group!

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