CAMA User Group

The CAMA User Group currently has 34 counties using the Conduent CAMAUSA software. This committee has been working together for many years.  In 2009, they became a separate user group rather than a subcommittee under the Tax User Group. The CAMA User Group members use either the Conduent or Thomson Tax Systems. The MnCCC CAMA User Group works closely with the Minnesota Department of Revenue on all of our projects.

Executive Officers

Past-Chair: Jason McCaslin, Fillmore County
 Elisha Long, Isanti County
Vice-Chair: Karla Ambrose, Jackson County 
Recording Officer: Brian Folden, Benton County

Committee Chairs

Commercial/Industrial: Jane Grossinger, City of St. Michael
Standardization Committee: Anne Grunert, Brown County
Training Committee: Jean Popp, Morrison County
Beta Testing Committee: Sharon Robinson, Stearns County
Finance Committee Members: Jennifer Flicek, Le Sueur County; Karla Ambrose, Jackson County; John Conway, Winona County; Brian Folden, Benton County; Jason McCaslin, Fillmore County

MnCCC Legislative Research Advisory Committee (LRAC)
Implemented July 2023

Chair: Jodie Raymond, Anoka County
Purpose: The Legislative Research Advisory Committee (LRAC) will oversee legislative changes at the state level and meet to discuss how the changes impact Minnesota residents and employees, along with suggesting changes in legislation when appropriate. The joint committee has representation from all MnCCC Tax and CAMA User Groups and will report to their respective groups the findings and discussion topics from each meeting.


Advisory Committee Representative (up for election in 2025): Brian Folden, BentonCounty
Advisory Committee Representative (up for election in 2024): Jennifer Flicek, Le Sueur County
Advisory Committee Representative (up for election in 2024): Troy Stewart, Pine County
Advisory Committee Representative (up for election in 2025): Karla Ambrose, Jackson County
Advisory Committee Representative (up for election in 2025): John Conway, Winona County


ISSG Liaison: Kyle Jerviss, Wabasha County
MnCCC Board Liaison: Jason McCaslin, Fillmore County

Rules & Regulations

Download the CAMA Rules & Regulations pdf (Approved 2023)

Meeting Schedule

CAMA Advisory Committee meets quarterly, the third Wednesday of the month.  Full user group business meetings are held at the MnCCC Conference in June and periodically throughout the year as needed.

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Contract Vendor(s)

Avenu is the contracted vendor for this user group that provides maintenance, support, development, and training services.

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