Now Offering Adobe Sign

Now Offering Adobe Sign

Looking for a document, cloud-based solution for e-signatures? MnCCC is partnering with Adobe to offer Adobe Sign at a discounted rate! Adobe Sign allows you to send, sign, track, and manage your business workflows electronically.

Why Choose Adobe Sign?


How Pricing Works

Since we achieved Tier 5 pricing, we will use the $1.21 per transaction rate for the second-order round. We have not officially announced when the second-order round will take place. But we are anticipating sometime between February - April. Once the order window is announced, there will be a deadline for accepting orders. Once the deadline arrives, MnCCC and Adobe will begin provisioning Sign consoles and share the next steps for admin/user training.


Collective Transactions Ordered

Appx. Cost Per Transaction

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3

50,000 + Rollover Transactions


Tier 4

100,000 + Rollover Transactions


Tier 5

150,000 + Rollover Transactions








About Transactions

transaction can be a document or a set of documents being sent to 1 or more people for signature or approval.

Ex. HR Onboarding package, 8 pages, and requires 4 signatures or approvals is 1 transaction.

However, if you want to do our mega sign (similar to a mail merge) feature those would be different transactions.

Ex. Code of Conduct being sent to all employees – although you can send that out at one time, they are technically different documents since each person is signing their own, therefore those would be different transactions.

Interested in Purchasing?

Email Amanda Beyer at and be sure to include your county/agency and an estimated number of transactions you would like to order. We will compile a list of interested counties/agencies and once we announce the second-order window we will send you an Adobe Sign order request form.