MnCCC Giveaway for National Rubber Ducky Day

MnCCC Facilitators' Network Lego Series

MnCCC is doing a giveaway on National Rubber Ducky Day Sunday, January 13th in honor of our annual conference. This year's MnCCC's conference theme is Duck, Duck, Gray Duck for user experience! There's no better day to promote our conference than National Rubber Ducky day & doing a giveaway! 

Step 1: Follow us on social media





Step 2: Stay tuned 

MnCCC will share a giveaway post on Sunday, January 13th (National Rubber Ducky Day) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

Step 3: Like & Comment 

Like and comment, use #MnCCC in your comment! Share with your friends! You have until midnight of 1/13/2019 to enter. 


***Winner will be contacted via social media direct message on Wednesday, 1/16/2019.