Projector Shopping!

What to consider when purchasing a new projector.

Lisa C. Meredith, MnCCC Executive Director

Sometimes as an executive director you need to become a temporary specialist to solve a problem…as I am sure many of you also have to do in your ever growing and changing job roles. I became responsible for purchasing a new projector for the office recently.  I learned a few things!

  • Brightness and Lumens
    • 2000 – 2500 lumens for darker room presentations
    • 3000 or more lumens for groups of less than 100 and some light in the room
    • 4500 or more lumens for larger groups with some light in the room
    • 6000 or more lumens for large groups and bright lights
  • Resolution:
    • 800 by 600 (SVGA) for typical powerpoint type presentations
    • 1080p for video (Blue-ray player, DVD, etc)
  • Connection:
    • VGA (analog) common computer connector
    • HDMI is preferred for video
    • Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) enabled HDMI ports allow presenter to project from an Android device
    • USB port connection and some allow for presentations directly from a thumb drive
    • Some also have Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth connection options
  • What is throw? Throw has to do with how big the room is, or more specifically, how far away from the projector will the screen or wall will be.
    • Short Throw – approximately a six foot image to a wall 12-15 feet away.  Most projectors need at lead a 3-6 foot throw. There are some “ultra-short-throw” projectors that need only about a foot (you may have seen these in some exhibit halls in a vendor booth).
    • Regular Throw and Long Throw – It appears that “short throw” is special feature, but look for spec on how far you can project a clear image and how large it can be.

There’s also portability to consider, so be sure to check the weight and case options if you plan to move it around or bring it to meetings.

What did we do? I ordered two Epson PowerLite 1940W multimedia projectors with 4200 lumens. We often have presentations where we use a splitter and two screens.  We ordered cases, so they will be relatively transportable to meetings. Stay tuned or drop me a note to see how they are working for us!


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