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What is the M365 Committee?

The M365 Committee (previously named the SharePoint Committee) was formed in 2019 under the Information Services Support Group (ISSG). The group was initially created to discuss SharePoint upgrades, integration, standardization, and tips & tricks. In December of 2020, with the rebranding of O365 to M365, the group renamed itself as the M365 committee to become an all-encompassing workgroup that meets monthly to discuss changes, upgrades, and so much more within the Microsoft service. Not only does this team work with SharePoint, as it was initially formed to do, they also work to collaborate on other M365 suite products like Power BI, Dynamics, Teams, and much more.

The M365 Committee is comprised of a variety of county employees, from administrators to project coordinators to analysts and more, which offers unique insights from different perspectives on the county level. Together with MnCCC, the M365 committee and ISSG as a whole, work to pool resources, share knowledge, troubleshoot, and find cooperative solutions. The group also works on training opportunities and determining the needs of Minnesota counties to maximize productivity and find common ground among employees. 

What are Meetings Like?

The monthly meetings (held on the last Thursday from 10 am – 3 pm) are exciting, engaging, laid-back, and insightful. Each meeting begins with a “Hot Topics” session, where the group talks about up-and-coming Microsoft items, along with a portion about “What’s New and Cool” with M365. The meetings are held on Teams in an informal format to allow for discussion and maximized engagement within the group. It is also a great opportunity for inter-county collaboration that helps each member of the group learn and grow as a member of their professional community.

Current Projects

Currently, the M365 Committee’s member counties are working on the following projects:

  • Implementing PowerApps and Power Automate (connecting to SharePoint and Dynamics) to solve business problems across departments like Land Management and Human Services
  • Working to adapt to the emergence of Teams and how that changes the SharePoint landscape at our respective counties

Future Projects

The Committee is also looking forward to more exciting challenges to collaborate on, including:

  • Exploring the features of Microsoft Viva as they are made available in the GCC and how they can be utilized to benefit our agencies
  • Discuss and discover how counties are using other tools in the M365 stack, like Stream, Forms, Bookings, etc.

Opportunities for Engagement

The M365 Committee is always looking for new ways to develop and grow collectively. A great way to engage with the group is by attending the M365 Committee Showcase on October 25 to learn more about the group and how their knowledge can benefit you, your organization, and Minnesota as a whole. Whether you are subscribed to the entirety of M365 or are just getting started in your Microsoft journey, this session is a great way to get to know your peers and learn more about maximizing productivity daily. Additionally, the monthly meetings are open to anyone interested in engaging, so you are welcome to attend at any time! They have lots of insight and information to share that could greatly improve the way your day-to-day operations proceed with any M365 product. And if they don’t have the specific answers you may be looking for, they are also a great resource for training opportunities and ways to contact other professionals who are well-versed in these areas. Join us on October 25 for an informational session on the M365 Committee, ISSG, and ways we can help you and your organization grow and learn in an agile and dynamic world.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the showcase!

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