MnCCC Spotlight: Justin Lutterman

MnCCC Spotlight Justin Lutterman

What was your first job?

I mowed a lot of lawns as a kid (13 one summer).  I was a lifeguard, a dishwasher in a retirement home, and washed hog barns for area farmers.  However, one particular job stands out – when I was 16, I applied for a job at a local radio station.  Surprisingly, they offered me the job and became a weekend part-time DJ using the name “Justin Addams”.  It was a great experience, and to this day, I still throw around the idea of doing it again.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I grew up in Truman Minnesota with 2 parents and 2 brothers, I was in the middle.  I had a great childhood and a lot of good memories.  I still give credit to the towns people on how forgiving they were to let us kids run all over their yards.  After High School I joined the Army and served with 3/75th Ranger Battalion in Fort Benning, GA.  When my enlistment was up, I spun my wheels a bit and eventually ended up in college at Minnesota State University Mankato.  To fulfill my generals, I took Geography 101 class which exposed me to “GIS” for the first time and fell in love!  I graduated and was fortunate to start an internship and apprenticeship under Dave Armstrong in Le Sueur County.  Not only was I lucky to get a job so close to me but also to be in such a great county.  Now, my wife and I raise our 2 sons (and her 2 cats) in Cleveland, MN.

What interests you about MnCCC?

The resources made available through cooperation and the guidance and leadership of the MnCCC team.  There are a lot great people involved in the Property Information User Group (PIUG), a group I currently chair.  I look forward to meeting with them and discussing how people solve the various problems when dealing with land issues in county government.  There are few things I like more then working a with a competent team towards a common goal.

What is your role with Le Sueur county?

GIS Manager.  The main job is to accurately map and maintain the PLSS System, Plats, Parcels, and NG911 information and combine it with attribute information found in other databases.  Of course, it can become boarder than that as most of the information we deal with at the county level has a spatial component.  I run a department of 2 people, myself included.  We work with the public, county departments, to create, manage, maintain and deliver spatial information.

What is something on your bucket list?

  • My wife and I recently went to Tahiti before the second round of Covid shutdowns, so that is off the list!  Totally worth it BTW. 
  • I hope to raise my sons to care for others and be a good addition to society.  More importantly, to resist being passive and to know and recognize the Truth. 
  • I would like to buy an Ultralight aircraft and fly it low and slow.  I would also like to have a place to store and land.
  • And, since I don’t really get asked this question very often… I think it would be fun to be catapulted… into some kind of net or a body of water that was deep enough to absorb my impact.
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