About Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative (MnCCC)

Mission Statement / What is MnCCC

MISSION:  Established in 1978, Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative (MnCCC) works with all Minnesota Counties as a joint powers organization facilitating services and training, providing software and other cost-effective measures to substantially reduce technology costs for counties, cities, and agencies.

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How we serve you

MnCCC provides an opportunity, through our joint powers agreements with counties (and cities and agencies), to collaborate on software solutions. We have software user groups that work together to provide Minnesota specific software for use in county departments. Some groups own and manage their software; other groups are using off-the-shelf software that has been customized for Minnesota.

MnCCC Bylaws - Updated June 2020

What is a Joint Powers?

MnCCC is formed under a Minnesota Statute 471.59 as a joint powers. MnCCC members – counties, cities, state agencies, and nonprofits – can join together to create a legal entity for the purpose of contracting.
Read more about Minnesota Statute 471.59.

Office Location

Office located in the MCIT Building at 100 Empire Drive Suite 201, Saint Paul, MN  55103
Main Phone: (651) 401-4200


COVID-19 Update

MnCCC continues to monitor the current situation with the pandemic in accordance with CDC guidelines. Our priories lie in keeping our employees, members, vendors, and partners healthy and safe. MnCCC staff will remain working in a hybrid model, along with hosting meetings in a format at the discretion of each user group and committee. We remain available via phone and email during our regular business hours!